(ok one more name playlist tonight!! for tyler, who had sent me an ask a while ago but tumblr Happened)

Twice - Little Dragon 
You Are the Moon - The Hush Sound
Little Red Riding Hood - Amanda Seyfried
Electric Lady - Janelle Monae feat Solange
Run Rabbit Run - The Hoosiers

i'm really late to the name playlist party and someone already asked for my name so VBLSCHRF

Voyageur - Les Ogres de Barback
Bad Things - Cults
Long Time - Cake
Shizuku Ippai no Kioku - Hirasawa Susumu
Cops and Robbers - The Hoosiers
Heavy Heart - Jeffrey Lewis 
Red Tide - Neko Case
Fortune Teller - Xavier Rudd

made u a selfie

!!!!! that me!!!!

made u a selfie

!!!!! that me!!!!


All My Best Friends are Metalheads - Less Than Jake
Life is Looking Up - Forgive Durden
In Fact - Gregory and the Hawk
Small Hands - Keaton Henson
On Top of the World - Tim McMorris
Never Forgive Me, Never Forget Me - Akira Yamaoka 


Fire - That Handsome Devil
Raise Hell - Brandi Carlile
I Am Terrified - IAMX
Death to Los Campesinos! - Los Campesinos
Aha! - Imogen Heap


Ju-Ju Magic - Steam Powered Giraffe 
Omaide wa Okkusenman! - JAM Project
Never Never - SBTRKT
All These Things That I’ve Done - The Killers
Thought of You - The Weepies
Hearts a Mess - Gotye
The Archers Bows Have Broken - Brand New
No Room Left for Barbara - The Pine Box Boys

SARAH <3 c:

San Francisco - The Mowgli’s
All Men Are Pigs - Studio Killers
Run - Daughter
Angry Sea - Mother Mother
Handlebars - Flobots

alexi ! (i know theres an x im sorry)

Animal Life - Shearwater
Lion’s Roar - The Hush Sound
Empire - Alpines 
enocide Xing - Dr Vblschrf (bless ur soul jonathan)
I Love You - Woodkid feat. Angel Haze 


Amber Light - Charlene Kaye
ama Lama Bang Bang - Roisin Murphy
t’s Alright - Inna Modja 


Move Your Feet - Junior Senior
Alibi - Dessa
White Waking - Les Rallizes Denudes

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